WhatsApp Group Chat Etiquette

WhatsApp Group Chat Etiquette

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users worldwide. One of the main features of the app is the ability to create and join group chats, which is a convenient and efficient way to communicate with multiple people at the same time. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility to maintain proper decorum and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of group chats on WhatsApp.

Introduction to WhatsApp Group Chats

Before we dive into group chat etiquette, let’s define what group chats are and how they work on WhatsApp. A group chat is a conversation between three or more people where each can see and respond to each other’s messages. To create a group chat on OG WhatsApp, all you have to do is click on the “New group” button, select the participants and give the group a name. From here, you can send messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and even make voice and video calls with everyone in the group.

The Do’s and Don’ts of WhatsApp Group Chats

Respect The Purpose of The Group

When joining a WhatsApp group chat, it is important to understand the purpose of the group and respect its rules.For example, if you join a workgroup chat, focus the conversation on work-related topics and avoid personal chats. If you are unsure of a group’s purpose or rules, ask the group administrator for clarification.

Pay Attention to Your Language and Tone

It is easy to misunderstand the tone of a message in a group chat, so it is important to pay attention to your language and tone when communicating with others. Avoid offensive or confrontational language and try to express yourself concisely and clearly.

Use @Mentions Wisely

When you need to message specific people in a group chat, use @mentions to make sure they’re notified. However, be aware of how often you use this feature and avoid cluttering the group with unnecessary notifications. This feature is already offered by JT WhatsApp.

Share Relevant Information

If you have information related to the group, such as an upcoming event or important news, please share it in the group chat.It’s a great way to keep everyone informed.


Be aware of the privacy of others in group discussions. Avoid sharing personal information or private messages without permission, and be careful not to accidentally share sensitive information with the wrong people.

WhatsApp Group Chat DOS

Don’t Spam Groups

Sending too many messages in a group chat can bore and overwhelm other members. Avoid sending useless messages or several messages in a row to groups.

Don’t Be Rude or Disrespectful

It is important to treat people with respect and kindness in group discussions. Avoid using offensive language, making insensitive jokes, or attacking other members.

Don’t Share Fake News

WhatsApp has been criticised for its role in spreading fake news and misinformation. To avoid causing this problem, you should check any news or information before sharing it in a group chat.

Don’t Ignore

messages When someone sends a message in a group chat, it’s important to acknowledge it and respond if necessary.Ignoring the message may make other members feel ignored or undervalued.

Don’t Add People Without Permission

Adding someone to a group chat without permission can be considered aggressive and disrespectful. Always ask permission before adding someone to a group chat.


Group chats on WhatsApp are a great way to communicate with multiple people at once, but it’s important to maintain proper decorum to avoid misunderstandings and hurtful feelings.

By following the do’s and don’ts outlined in this article, you can ensure that your WhatsApp Blue group discussions are productive, respectful, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

If you are unsure of the etiquette for a particular group chat, don’t be afraid to ask the group administrator for advice. By working together and respecting each other’s boundaries, you can create a positive and productive environment for everyone on your team.


What should I do if I accidentally share sensitive information in the group?

If you accidentally share sensitive information in a group chat, apologise and ask everyone to delete the message.If the information is particularly sensitive, you can contact the affected parties individually to ensure that they are aware of the situation.

Can I leave a group chat if I don’t want to join it?

Yes, you can leave the group chat at any time by clicking the “Leave group” button. Remember that leaving a group chat can be considered rude or disrespectful, so it’s a good idea to let other members know why you’re leaving (if possible)

Can we use emoticons in group chat?

Yes, using emojis can be a fun and easy way to communicate in group chats. Be aware of how often you use it and avoid using it in a way that could be misinterpreted or offensive.


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